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Matlab is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language developed by MathWorks. If you do not have an account, create one using your university email address via the instructions on the page. Click on your profile name in the upper right hand corner and select Associate License.

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Enter the Activation Key below. Click the download button for version a. Choose the Operating System Platform your device is running and download the installer. Run the installer. Please see the documentation of these options for more information. Advanced optimization options or very large programs may require additional resources such as memory and disk space. It is the responsibility of application developers to ensure that the machine instructions contained in the application are supported by the operating system and processor on which the application is to run. Technical Support.

New in This Release. System Requirements. Offered in two forms:. Professional Edition includes:. Both offer a great savings over individual components. Microsoft Visual Studio Premier Partner Edition is included in commercial license purchases to provide a complete Fortran development environment for developers who do not use Visual Studio not included in evaluation or student versions. Already have Visual Studio?

Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows is compatible with it. Multi-Threaded Application Support , including, new in Compiles in a single pass, improving compile-time and producing more reliable code. Interprocedural Optimization IPO dramatically improves performance of small- to mid-sized functions, especially in programs containing calls within loops.

IPO analysis gives feedback on vulnerabilities and coding errors, such as uninitialized variables or OpenMP API issues, which cannot be detected as well by other compilers. Profile-guided Optimization PGO improves application performance by reducing instruction-cache thrashing, reorganizing code layout, shrinking code size, and reducing branch mispredictions. New, integrated, simplified installation gets you going with all capabilities quickly and easily. Ongoing Premier Support now includes online community-support forums to speed information flow, in addition to private, password-protected accounts.

Technical support, interactive issues management, access to technical and application notes, product updates and more with every commercial and academic license.

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Visual Studio Support. The Premier Partner Edition is not included in evaluation or student licenses. Please see System Requirements for details. Too many kids today come out of high school only knowing how to plug number into Mathmatica. Before there were things like pocket calculators and personal computers, FORTRAN was the only computational tool available to undergrads in the mathematics, science and engineering fields.


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My feeling is that every undergrad, in every field of study, should be required to learn simple programming. As others have noted, Python is currently a decent choice for that area of study. At some point early in their undergrad studies, I think students in the mathematical, scientific, and engineering fields should be introduced to whatever desktop tool is deemed the recommended tool for their field of study. I would hope this is something more powerful than a business spreadsheet tool; but exactly which tool can vary from subject area to subject area, from school to school, and from year to year.

I suspect that given experience with an introductory language and proficiency with a good desktop analysis tool, FORTRAN might not be required until either the graduate or doctorate level, and maybe not even then. I dislike the overuse of add-on libraries. They have their uses, but they are a poor second-best to the use of the right language. Plus libraries have a tendency to come and go, and a library is rarely usable with all compilers. Every language has it strengths and problem domains that it is best for. Conversely, every language has its weaknesses, yet we often employ languages in areas where they are not the best choice.

At one time, it was very expensive to get a compiler for another language. Learn what craftsmen have long known: there is a particular tool that is best for a given task, but no tool is best for all tasks. I have never in my life written a single line of Fortran. Nevertheless, I have a very large book on my shelf salvaged from the university dumpster which contains close to a thousand pages of Fortran routines. The most important thing to learn in an introductory computing course is how to think about programming. I spent a lot of time helping fellow students who would buzz through five or six different steps in their heads without realizing it, and then wonder why the computer got the wrong result when they told it to apply the seventh.

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The best thing I have ever found for teaching people how to program is actually a spreadsheet program. As long as you can set it to calculate continuously until the values stop changing you can solve any mathematical problem with it. In most modern spreadsheet programs you can even draw on it to remind yourself how it works. Once one has the thought process down, just about any language becomes nothing more than a different syntax.

Higher-level languages like Python are best for writing code quickly, and lower-level ones like Fortran are better at writing quick code. If one is going to do a large amount of serious programming work, then it is best to learn at least one of each. Disclaimer: PhD in physics with nuclear engineering minor. First language—Basic, 2nd language—Pascal, 3rd language Fortran. I first learned Fortran in my grad school nuclear engineering courses. Our professor was a superb teacher on programming, numerical methods, as well as the physics.

I learned a lot about programming from being in his class — lessons I would later apply to my students when teaching a Visual Basic for Applications course for financial analysts. The rest is details. Mike, I believe that Intel Fortran compiler is free when you use Linux.

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All at no charge :-D… So go and convert all your students to us Linux Unfortunately, I wasted a semester on learning Fortran and never using it again. A lot of other languages offer similar mathematical abilities and precision along with flexibility of being actual programming languages.

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I have learnt fortran myself in high school , and must say that it is an useful language to teach concepts of programming at least. Compared to C , you just struggle against the ideas of programming , not the language itself low level as it is intuitive , it is not loaded with prebuilt routines with names several lines long like VB, it is imperative unlike python or other fancy new stuff, it is fast , and allows you to do enough with the things under your control so that you will learn some machine peculiarities such as the way numbers are stored in memory , and get a bit of a grasp on what is really happening without it being too complex.

Overall it is a good first language i think, and as a bonus it is still used widely. Structured programming was in vogue, at least then.

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With its modularity, loop structures, and with judicious use of comments and indenting, etc. There are probably better tools now to accomplish actual results, but I was able to learn and develop a lot of good programming practices and results using Fortran. My second language was assembler, and one of the programs had to be written in machine code.


No variable names, no command names. Just straight hex commands. When you understand programming at that level you can handle anything. But that is for Computer Science majors. Not enough payoff.

Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students Fortran for Students
Fortran for Students

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