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Pritchett Verloc village walk wanted wilderness wind woman women wonderful word writing wrote Yangtze Zambezi. Being a Stranger. The Point of It. Bombs and Birds. Fever Chart. The Great Railway Bazaar. Hunter S.

Maverick author Hunter S. Thompson introduced the world to "gonzo journalism" with this cult classic that shot back up the best-seller lists after Thompson's suicide in No book ever written has more perfectly captured the spirit of the s counterculture. Gonzo inspired by a friend of Thompson are quickly diverted to search for the American dream.

Their quest is fueled by nearly every drug imaginable and quickly becomes a surreal experience that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. But there is more to this hilarious tale than reckless behavior-for underneath the hallucinogenic facade is a stinging criticism of American greed and consumerism. Elizabeth Gilbert.

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A transformational journey through Italy, India, and Bali searching for pleasure and devotion—the massive bestseller from the author of The Signature of All Things This beautifully written, heartfelt memoir touched a nerve among both readers and reviewers. Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she made the difficult choice to leave behind all the trappings of modern American success marriage, house in the country, career and find, instead, what she truly wanted from life.

Setting out for a year to study three different aspects of her nature amid three different cultures, Gilbert explored the art of pleasure in Italy and the art of devotion in India, and then a balance between the two on the Indonesian island of Bali. The Mosquito Coast.


This riveting tale from critically acclaimed author Paul Theroux inspired a powerful motion picture and is considered a modern masterpiece. Allie Fox is a brilliant inventor. He's also a deeply paranoid man who is disenchanted with American materialism and conformity. Abandoning his old life, he believes he can build a better existence for his family in the Honduran jungle.

But Allie's utopian ideals are more easily imagined than realized, and soon his dark obsessions lead his family down an extremely angerous path. Narrated by Norman Dietz. Roughing It. Mark Twain.

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Two American originals, Mark Twain and the West, come together in this documentary of the author's seven-year "pleasure trip" to the silver mines of Nevada. Twain had originally planned the trip to be a three-month "vacation;" not surprisingly for someone of Twain's temperament, the trip lasted seven years. His journey, like his book, has a way of taking ever-unexpected turns.

Sam Keith. To live in a pristine land unchanged by man Thousands have had such dreams, but Richard Proenneke lived them. He found a place, built a cabin, and stayed to become part of the country. One Man's Wilderness is a simple account of the day-to-day explorations and activities he carried out alone, and the constant chain of nature's events that kept him company.

Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings
Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings
Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings
Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings
Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings Fresh Air Fiend: Travel Writings

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