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Taglines: A comedy about love, trust, and the fear of spontaneous combustion. Language: English. Runtime: 92 min. Sound Mix: Mono. Feb 25, Ana rated it it was ok Shelves: zz-read-in , contemporary-romance , zz-netgalley. Tessa Donovan really doesn't need this. Not only was their family brewery robbed, but her brother managed to blow some important business negotiations by sleeping with the man's daughter and getting caught by her irate father.

She can fix this, after all she spent most of her life fixing things and cleaning up after her brothers. Of course there's some worthy distraction this time: Detective Luke Asher. Luke is an old friend of her brother's.

Things Good Girls Don't Do (Rock Canyon, Idaho, #1) by Codi Gary

He knows he should stay away from Tessa, after all his Tessa Donovan really doesn't need this. He knows he should stay away from Tessa, after all his reputation is in shreds. There are some nasty rumors floating around - he divorced his wife because she had cancer, he's the father of his partner's baby and he refuses to accept it But Tessa is amazing and he wants her badly.

Luke is a great guy, always willing to help even if nobody asks him to , he does have some hang-ups, but he deals with them. Even when he says something harsh to Tessa, he apologizes.

Making the World Negotiable

He's charming and a great friend. The things he did for his partner made me smile he actually read a couple of pregnancy books, and probably knew more about the risks than her.

Tessa's parents died when she was young, and she and her brothers were left alone. Luckily Eric, the older brother, was there to raise them and keep the family together. But she has some issues and doesn't really trust her brothers to stick around, and because of that she acts in a way that irritates me. My problem with the book are Tessa's action. She goes behind her brother's back, constantly.

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I totally understand that when it comes to her private life, but when it's a business situation that involves the brewery And she lies constantly. Now I know she has her reasons and that the fear of abandonment is the cause, but I simply couldn't like her. There were times when she annoyed me so much that I had to take a pause in reading the book and calm down.

Barring Tessa's behavior, the book is good. I like Luke, Eric and Jamie I'm looking forward to their books Bad Boys Do and Real Men Will and the mystery part of the book is OK view spoiler [although I didn't like the way it ended, I would've liked to see the perpetrator in jail, and not enjoying himself in Taiwan hide spoiler ].

Rating: 2. We get to know the Donovan siblings, Eric, Jamie and Tessa who all work in the family brewery business. This book is Tessa's story and we soon learn this gregarious young lady has a few insecurities and fears. Tessa, the youngest sibling often finds herself as peacemaker of the family. When she was fourteen, both parents were killed in a car accident. Oldest brother Eric stepped up to the plate and moved back home to help care for his brother and sis 3. Oldest brother Eric stepped up to the plate and moved back home to help care for his brother and sister.

Now all grown and each having a hand in the running of their late father's business, Tessa finds herself once again trying to keep the peace between Eric and Jamie. Along with this endeavor, there is a robbery resulting in a mystery to be solved. And that's where the best part of the book enters Sexy as sin Detective Luke Asher!

There is definitely a strong attraction between these two. With the rumors and gossip circulating around Luke, Tessa's brothers are against any type relationship. While I do understand how they wanted to protect her, this part of the book was a major distration for me. These two were OTT with their protectiveness. They acted like she was 16 instead of a smart twenty eight year old. But never fear, Tessa soon solves their interference into her love life. And, WOW, the pages soon nearly combust! The sex scenes between these two were HOT! A pretty good start to this series and now I'm off for the second installment, Jamie's story Apr 07, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: excellent , falls-for-sibing-s-friend , read , romance , crime-police-mystery-private-invest , contemporary , hot , series.

I had a few moments here and there where Tessa grated on me, but I really understood what was driving her, so I was able to be patient for the most part. My issues with her caused me to drop my grade a little, but I'll get into that more in a bit. I know when I pick up a contemporary by Dahl that I'll get humor, well developed characters, and lots of sexy. And boy, does she deliver here. The sexy times were great, although a little less flamboyant than I saw in her last CR trilogy.

One of my favorite scenes in the book is when Tessa and Luke are getting hot and heavy and are close to having sex for the first time. Luke ends up backpedaling because of bad information, leaving Tessa pretty ticked. The whole scene was hilarious.

“Good Girls Don’t Protest”

I seriously read it twice just so I could laugh through it again. Tessa was a great main character. She had some pretty serious flaws, but she was very likable and I enjoyed reading her POV. My biggest problem with her was her lies. She didn't do it maliciously, but it was hard feeling sympathy for her when she was digging her own hole. I totally understood why she behaved the way that she did, since the author did an excellent job of setting up the motivation for each brother and showing how much that single event in their childhood defined the rest of their life, but after a while it got old.

Lie after lie piled on top of each other to make it work, but it was all crumbling around her. I felt really sorry for her when it fell, but I'm glad that no one let her convince herself that she was in the right. She clearly needed an intervention and it was long overdue. Luke was such a fabulous hero. I can't even think of a single thing about him I didn't like. He wasn't perfect, he had his flaws as well, but it all combined into a compelling package.

Good Girls Don't (song)

The way he silently endured the rumors, no matter how much they bothered him, and the way he was willing to put reach out again and again hoping for a connection, both with Tessa and his partner, had my heart melting. He was sexy and occasionally prickly, but he was so, so sweet and adorable. I felt so bad for him when we finally learned about his marriage, but I could see how it all got to that point.

I liked that he was willing to be the one to apologize first, but that he took a stand when he was in the right and wasn't willing to smooth things over anymore. Tessa had to be the one to make things right. I really liked the way the Donovan family was set up.

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  • They seemed like an actual family, with fights and resentments mixed in with the happiness and laughter. They each are slowly realizing that they need more than what they have had in their family roles so far. Each needs to think about themselves and what will make them happy instead of just what they can do for the family. I loved Jamie and Eric, but I thought their brotherly protection got a little smothering and it felt a little overdone. I'm really looking forward to the next books and seeing each brother fall in love. View all 18 comments. Jul 12, Auntee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of steamy contemporary romance.

    What I loved reading about was Tessa what a great, funny, compassionate character, always trying to fix things between her battling brothers and her romance with hunky police detective Luke. These two were probably my favorite characters of the series. Fantastic series, highly recommended if you like steamy hot contemporaries with touches of humo 4 stars, but only because I read this series out of order and already was familiar with the suspense part of the book so I found it kind of boring.

    Fantastic series, highly recommended if you like steamy hot contemporaries with touches of humor. View all 4 comments. Sep 28, willaful rated it liked it Recommends it for: fans of Susan Mallery. Shelves: arc-gift-or-netgalley. But there is some truth behind each of their reputations. And Luke carries a lot of shame about his relationships that colors his view of potential future ones.

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