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Maybe one of the best bands you’ve never heard of. Kappa Kappa Gamma joins litigation and Stand Up To Harvard movement

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Kid Capri and Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Argue Over Que Dawg Anthem "Atomic Dog"

Denver Nuggets. Charlotte Hornets. Minnesota Timberwolves. Miami Heat.

Latest Yokai

Oklahoma City Thunder. Orlando Magic.

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  • Kid Capri and Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Argue Over Que Dawg Anthem “Atomic Dog”.

Colorado Rockies. Oakland Athletics. Los Angeles Dodgers. Seattle Mariners. San Diego Padres. Texas Rangers. San Francisco Giants. NFL Arizona Cardinals.

Kappa (brand)

They are excellent swimmers, and despite their small size they are physically stronger than a grown man. A dish-like depression lies on top of their skulls. Younger kappa are frequently found in family groups. They love mischief, martial arts like sumo wrestling, and games of skill like shogi. Kappa are proud and stubborn, but also fiercely honorable; they never break any promises that they make. Kappa possess keen intelligence and they are one of the few yokai able to learn human languages. They are also highly knowledgeable about medicine and the art of setting bones; according to legend, these skills were first taught to humans by friendly kappa.

It is not uncommon to see offerings of cucumbers made at riverbanks by devout humans; in return, kappa are known to help people by irrigating fields, befriending lonely children, competing with adults in sports and games, and so on. Kappa can also be crass and violent. Lakes and rivers where kappa live are often marked with warning signs.

Their preferred method of attack is to drown or bite their opponent to death under water.

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