Sex, Morality, and the Law

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For Buddhism, sexual morality is comprehended under the third of five precepts that are basic to the religion. Like other religions, it focuses on restrictions, specifically prohibiting adultery, but is commonly understood by traditional societies to cover a much broader range, such as pre-marital sex. Confucianism is sometimes thought of as an ethical system rather than a religion, but it is not greatly different from undoubted religions in holding the restrictive view of sex common from antiquity.

Several NIH authors seem disappointed that traditional Confucian morality has not greatly weakened with respect to pre-marital sexual behavior in the Far East, while the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism offers much the same morality as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, with an especially strong condemnation of homosexuality. Sexual morality is thus fundamental to most world religions. Sexual standards differ from one religion and one culture to another, but there is also, and more importantly, a profound similarity.

In particular, all acknowledge that non-marital sexual activity is in some measure defiling. It says that from antiquity, humanity considers non-marital intercourse to be defiling. The contrary viewpoint of the sexual revolution is that humanity is wrong, and should change its mind. Modern technology and affluence can be held to eventually make possible a world without families, their responsibilities, and emotional strings. The mental and physical ailments that result from departing from the ancient standards are simply problems calling for enlightened resolutions by science and technology.

How do we know that this is right?

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Apparently because people are entitled to what they want. But this is not at all obvious — it seems to be offered as a moral intuition. Sexual desire is certainly real; that it is necessarily proper is simply an assumption. There is as much reason to give the consensus of the ages credence as there is the views of the modern international elite — many think, much more reason. But more importantly than current trends, for traditional religious believers, traditional religions present themselves as an apprehension of ultimate reality.

Therefore, the deliverances of religious precepts are non-negotiable. But there is nothing uniquely dogmatic about that. So is the secularist commitment to moral autonomy non-negotiable. Non-negotiable commitments cannot be rejected because they are non-negotiable. There must be a final good a non-negotiable in all moral assessments.

Sex, Morality, and the Law

Today there remains a common sense that marriage and family breakdown, the confusion about what sexuality means, and the death and pain visited by the promiscuity of the sexual revolution are not good things. By that standard, the non-negotiable of sexual purity received from antiquity ought to be favored. These generally recognized goods should be strong enough for law and public policy. And so sexual morality cannot justly be excluded from religious freedom, as the cultural Left demands be done, because sexual morality is integral to world religions.

Personal behavior and inclinations, as noted above, cannot consistently be given civil rights protection, and even if they could, the law should never require action against conscience. But action against conscience is now being required by the sexual revolution in the interest of overthrowing the common human morality. It is exactly what the Equality Act, and any similar laws or rules will do. Especially for the religious conscience, commitments on sexual matters are rooted in an apprehension of ultimate reality, and cannot possibly be given up, for any penalty.

Therefore, the religious conscience ought to be accommodated in law and public policy, regardless of how badly anyone is pained. While avoiding a descent into biological determinism is not only prudent, but wise, it should be noted that modern scientific understandings of genetics and epigenetics highlight the complex biological framework within which human sexual behaviors reside. Thus when we resort to a legitimately understood history of regard for human sexual behaviors, and we resort only to that, we are liable to perpetuate biases and prejudices based on emotion-driven disgust, ignorance, or just plain animosity for those who are not like us e.

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Tradition has a strong influence on parenting and, as a result, on the passing on of opinions, ideas, and attitudes that should be re-evaluated in light of newer learning. As we have with the dehumanizing of human beings based on skin color and gender, let us not fear the future of the human race based solely on religious proscriptions of human behaviors and interactions rooted only in historical sensibilities. For those who wish to begin to understand the biological basis for same sex orientations, here are some starting points:. For those who wish to consider how six verses in the Protestant Christian Bible have come to divide and exclude, here is a starting point:.

The ecinc link you included in your comment contains references from theologians and uses their quotes as a way to bolster the case for homosexuality. However, there are dozens of theologians who would disagree. Robert Gagnon, for instance, has a thorough, historic and current study on this topic. His conclusions are quite different. That was not intended as an exhaustive exposition, but rather a starting point to understanding that the conservative interpretations of King James versions of the English Bible just might not say what folks think they say.

Of course there are those who strive hard to derive tortuous conservative theologies the Pharisees were notorious for this — we see them all over the place, often aided by the likes of the IRD. If you read about the history of the early church, you will find that folks like Arius and Athanasius represented radically different perspective, arising from different interpretations of the exact same set of scriptures. This is but the latest in a long line of theological arguments over which people of faith disagreed.

This can be seen from efforts to propose a law against all sexual relations outside marriage.

What is the populist morality movement?

Indonesia enabled freedom of speech without sufficient controls on hate speech. Conservatives have taken advantage of this space to espouse hatred for other communities like LGBT people. The fact that women were banned from wearing the veil under Suharto and now are often forced to wear it shows the vicissitudes of power and the reframing of what is considered to be moral.

The rhetoric of politicians and religious leaders denouncing supposedly immoral behavior has meant people now oppose a bill that aims to eliminate sexual violence. How can this be?

See a Problem?

How can people who purport to be moral oppose the bill? Opposition to the bill stems from odd places. Euis argues that sexual violence should be penalized, but her problem with the bill is that it penalises only non-consensual sex.

The Biblical Source of Western Sexual Morality

She thinks the bill should penalise all sex outside of marriage. People like Euis preposterously argue that a bill against sexual violence will encourage adultery and inspire people to become LGBT. One audience member challenged him on this, arguing that human rights are better now. On reflecting on this exchange, I would offer a different conclusion.

People continue to suffer in Indonesia, but those suffering most have changed. If Indonesian lawmakers care at all about women, if they care at all about the legacy they will leave their daughters and granddaughters, they will pass this bill and show that violence against women in any form is not OK. This article was firstly published on The Conversation under Creative Commons lisence.

Read the original article. Byron Rushing, D-Boston, has proposed a number of bills repealing the archaic laws. Rushing pointed to a law that surfaced during the debate in Massachusetts over gay marriage. The law, which originally targeted interracial marriage, "prohibited most same-sex couples from other states from marrying in Massachusetts," according to the official website of the state's judicial branch. After the state's Supreme Judicial Court legalized gay marriage in , Gov. Mitt Romney cited the law, saying out-of-state gay couples could not get married in Massachusetts. Deval Patrick signed legislation repealing the law in Rushing has also proposed a bill setting up a law revision commission, which would include members from the judicial branch, the state attorney general, law school professors, and lawyers. The commission would offer "regular and objective decisions" on which laws should get repealed, Rushing said.

Some prosecutor can decide they want to enforce it. State Sen.

Sex, Morality, and the Law Sex, Morality, and the Law
Sex, Morality, and the Law Sex, Morality, and the Law
Sex, Morality, and the Law Sex, Morality, and the Law
Sex, Morality, and the Law Sex, Morality, and the Law
Sex, Morality, and the Law Sex, Morality, and the Law
Sex, Morality, and the Law Sex, Morality, and the Law

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