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The Guardian view on Iran and Saudi Arabia: maximum pressure, maximum risks. Liz Truss should resign over illegal Saudi arms sales, say MPs.

Historical division (1962)

Middle East drones signal end to era of fast jet air supremacy. Tiny, cheap, unmanned and hard-to-detect aircraft are transforming conflicts across region. Lawyers ask Met to launch war crimes inquiry over Yemen funeral attack. Yemen faces an existential threat, says UN special envoy. Martin Griffiths urges parties to come to table and forge political agreement.

Yemen crisis

Everything you need to know about the Saudi Arabia oil attacks. Iran denies launching drone attacks on Saudi oil facility. Foreign ministry counters accusations from US secretary of state with threats to US bases. Saudi attack dampens faint chance of a Trump-Iran meeting.

Yemen - Atlantic Council

Drone attacks on Saudi plant could hit global oil supplies. Twenty-two million Yemenis remain in need of assistance, eight million are at risk of famine, and a cholera outbreak has affected over one million people. All sides of the conflict are reported to have violated human rights and international humanitarian law. Separate from the ongoing civil war, the United States continues counterterrorism operations in Yemen, relying mainly on airstrikes to target al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP and militants associated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State.

In , the United States conducted an estimated 35 strikes in Yemen; in , it conducted about In January , a U. Special Operations Forces raid in central Yemen killed one U. The United States is deeply invested in combating terrorism and violent extremism in Yemen, having collaborated with the Yemeni government on counterterrorism since the bombing of the USS Cole in Since , the United States has carried out over two hundred strikes in Yemen. While Houthi rebels do not pose a direct threat to the United States, their attacks on Saudi Arabian infrastructure and territory threaten an important U.

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Top experiences in Yemen

Who are Yemen's Houthis? Cameron Glenn Wilson Center May 29, Yemen Country Profile.

The War in Yemen Explained

The Missile War in Yemen. Peter Salisbury Chatham House March The American Bombs Falling on Yemen.

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Global Conflict Tracker

World Affairs. Yemen conflict: At least 10, killed, says UN. BBC January 17, Simon Tisdall Guardian October 10, The Top Conflicts to Watch in Yemen. Jamille Bigio and Rachel B. Vogelstein Reuters December 18, Yemen's Long Road to Peace. Philip H.

Gordon Washington Post November 12, Steven A. Cook Foreign Policy September 27,

Yemen Yemen
Yemen Yemen
Yemen Yemen
Yemen Yemen
Yemen Yemen

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